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Geodesic domes are sustainable, which is about responsibly managing resources. Geodesic shelters have been called the most efficient structural design ever conceived because they "do more with less" -- less materials and less waste. The potential is unlimited.

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Host an amazing event that creates an unforgettable impression, transform your resort into an eco friendly paradise or simply live a sweet life in a beautiful alternative space. Enjoy your dream home or personal studio, for a fraction of the time and investment demanded by traditional construction.

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Our eco living domes are built easily and quickly, reducing construction costs, using the least amount of resources to enclose space, and are uniquely affordable—allowing you to live mortgage-free. Creative structures Owing to advanced engineering solutions, GEODOMAS structures, in specific sizes, may be completely covered with glass sheets and their structure made of aluminum profiles.

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Cover with transparent A cover with eco ico front section, which creates a preview of domes interior and a perspective for those who are inside the dome. It is visually attractive solution encouraging to enter the spherical area. In addition the transparent front provides the natural sunlight inside the dome. PORTABLE DOMES Mobility We offer exclusive event solutions, which often become the focal point of any trade show, product launch, sports event, fashion show, wedding or corporate event, that they become a part of Invite your guests into a whole new setting, with the captivating architecture of our eco ico interior, you can be sure that the event will turn into a truly unique and memorable experience for everybody involved.

The ultra-modern design of the glass domes, combining the unlimited visibility with isolation features, is a perfect solution forthose looking for original architecture.

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Glass spherical structures are perfect eco ico an exclusive SPA, winter garden, extraordinary restaurant or office. GEODOMAS dome tents offer you that unique opportunity to go beyond eco ico standard solutions and present your company and products in an exuberant way. Event dome tents are the perfect alternative to all the typical event solutions such as marquees. Their unmistakable and unique shape, as well as the intricate framework of the structure, create an incredible sense of space, ensuring a distinguished venue and setting, and being an effective part of your marketing strategy.

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Quality Control A quality geodesic dome structure is airtight and structurally sound. These are the factors that lower energy costs, the main consideration when building a geodesic structure.

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The perfect temperature for your structure Our spherical structures are equipped with ventilation holes and are adapted to connect the air conditioning or heating equipment. To meet the requirements of our most demanding Customers, we developed spherical structures made of glass and aluminum Temporary branding For temporary branding, it is possible to use self-adhesive vinyl foils on which graphics can be printed and then fixed to the surface of the PVC membrane.

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Another available solution is printing on a detachable front section, which enables large scale branding also in case of domes rental. The Design 3D Your guide to basic architectural concepts and the design process.

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  • Сьюзан должна была признать, что, услышав о «Цифровой крепости», она как ученый испытала определенный интерес, желание установить, как Танкадо удалось создать такую программу.

A rich variety of real-life residences inspires your own unique designs. The interactive experience enhances eco ico understanding of spatial relations and the process of design.

And state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology allows you to enter your creation to personally experience the space.

ENERGIJA Protingas gaminimas naudojant mažai energijos Visi WOLL liejinio indai ypač gerai paskirsto ir išlaiko šilumą, todėl, po indo įkaitimo skysčio užvirimo nustačius žemą kaitvietės galingumą, išlaikoma virimo temperatūra, o patiekalas gaminamas ypač taupiai.

Specialist membrane solutions We also apply specially designed membranes to be used in extreme weather conditions so that GEODOMAS structures maintain their original features, even after long term exposure to unfavourable weather conditions.

We love a challenge We love challenges and creative projects. Panoramic window around the structure? Transparent eco ico Suspended membrane inside the dome?

Мы скажем миру, что у АНБ есть компьютер, способный взломать любой код, кроме «Цифровой крепости», - И все бросятся доставать «Цифровую крепость»… не зная, что для нас это пройденный этап.

Let us know about your unusual ideas and we will turn it into magnificent reality. Creative Solutions We introduce significant modifications to our standard projects, prepare construction plans and manufacture structures according to provided specifications.

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We are also working on implementing innovative solutions which will allow us to create, multi-storeyed, full sphere-like structures. We love challenges and creative projects.

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Our engineers are constantly designing new structures to turn visions of our Customers into a breathtaking reality. Long vitality Structural steel elements are made according to DIN ; standards, secured by anti-corrosion coating, hot dip galvanized also from the insideso that steel construction is not susceptible to unfavorable weather conditions and provides a much longer lifespan. All elements of the steel structures are powder coated white.

It is also possible to select eco ico eco ico color from the RAL palette.

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